Adri Sinclair, Unedited Romance Author

Blog: Review Pissing Contest

For a few days, I’ve watched a thread explode. Indie author aired an opinion about one line reviews, and how they are not reviews. Several others hammered on about ‘professionalism’ in reviews being ‘missing’ and[…]

Adri Sinclair - Romance Author

Poetry: Melancholy

Melancholy Her name is Melancholy. Her heart was broken and she replaced the band-aid keeping the wound closed with barbed wire to hold it all together. She thought him beautiful, you know. The kind of[…]

Barefoot Romance by Adri Sinclair

Poetry: Barefoot Romance Is …

Barefoot romance is … that moment when you learn to live in the moment, because you know it is tomorrow’s memory. that moment when you smile at nothing, because you know it is someone’s something.[…]

Romance Author Adri Sinclair

Poetry: Empty Hands

Empty Hands I breathed a plea for another day, extended credit on a dream. I searched for life in the crack of dawn, miracle of daytime magic. I stole a few moments from my past,[…]

Barefoot Romance by Adri Sinclair

Poetry: Insane Sanity

Sanity Optional At the glimpse of the universe’s edge, watch me jump into the pool of fiction, where I can slay the nightmares of reality, with a sword of fantasy, in a world of chaos.[…]

Adri Sinclair, Unedited Romance Author

Poetry: Imposters

“As the clouds pour their tears down in the breathy cry of the wind, I hold mine locked away. In mere hours the world threatens to spin on the edge of insanity and mock modernised[…]

Adri Sinclair, Unedited Romance Author

Poetry: Strangers

“You do not know me, but I know you hurt. You say what many feel, and your heart isn’t on your sleeve, it is in the air; pouring out your soul one drop of love[…]

Adri Sinclair - Romance Author

About Adri Sinclair

She writes romance in several categories, majority of it clean but not always Disney-like. Adri’s books recommend readers who are keen to explore new ideas of old tropes. They should be able to be in[…]

Adri Sinclair - Romance Author

Short Stories

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